About Us

Think Black Straws and you get an image of a creatively ambitious video production company, focused on offering an outstanding service.
Our customers are key to all that we do, ensuring that we bring an enormous amount of energy and zeal to the table.

Whatever your budget, brief or mandate, we take on the challenge and deliver.

Adaptable and proactive, whether you need us to film within our base at Pinewood Studios or in any other location around the world, the service offering that we provide as a team is all-encompassing and strategically sharp.

Talk to the crew at Black Straws today to find out more about how our team can help you.

Why Choose Us?

For those seeking an outstanding service, delivered smoothly and without hassle, the team at Black Straws are the company of choice. Working globally with international distributors, sales agents and major studios, we keep our promises by producing work of an outstanding quality. Using our talents and abilities, we harness the power of film, creating an end product that works across multiple industries and sectors.

Unique in the way that we do things, we are dynamic and driven, working within an environment where video output and production is found all under one roof and within the control of our inspired management. Whether clients are looking for live action video film or animation, we produce it all in-house by tapping into the many talents of our creative team.

Our Company Ethos

Our ethos as a company is based upon the following values:

  • Creativity – the ability to inject endless amounts of creativity into all projects.
  •  Responsibility – being accountable for all that we do during our role as filmmakers and editors
  •  Excellence – aspiring to achieve excellence at all times, even when under pressure
  • Attention to detail – attributing as much attention to the small stuff as to the major issues
  •  Talent – recognising real talent when we see it and promoting its strengths
  •  Initiative – taking the lead at the right time and when needed
  •  Vitality – never losing our sense of energy and drive
  •  Exchange of information– taking the time to keep everyone involved and up-to-date, whether dealing with internal processes or client interaction